Promoting John Podlaski’s “Cherries”

Borrowed from John Podlaski website

While looking for a Vietnam Veteran’s website which might allow me to advertise my book on their site, I found John Podlaski and his website: ( I contacted John and we agreed to read each other books. We also agreed to write reviews and promote each other’s websites. I have looked at several Vietnam Veteran’s websites, however, John’s is over the top. His site is so extensive and captivating, I have spent hours on it and only experienced a fraction of the total. I encourage any Vietnam Veteran or anyone interested in the true story of Vietnam, to visit his site. You will not be disappointed

John has two books and I read his first Cherries”.  I enjoyed the book and it enlightened me on how hard the Army ground troops had it. I intend on posting my review comments on any of the sites John has his book listed. I look forward to reading and reviewing his second book,When Can I Stop Running?”.

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