It came to me today that several of my friends, including my husband, have left the use of social media. They blame it on all the hostility between users. I haven’t been living under a rock; yes, there is more hostility and negative attitude than I can ever remember. However, I ask, is that a reason to leave?

I’m not finger-pointing or wanting to contribute to the hostility. I am of the opinion, the divisiveness that is going on in our country, has always been here. Yet, with the current political climate, it is as if someone took a stick to a hornet’s nest. It only made things worse and we seem to be more vocal. We also seem to be more sensitive and judgmental.

I remember right after ‘9-11’. We became scared that the terrorist would take control. Our lives changed because we bought into the theory of terrorism. We are still intimidated and we overreact to fear. Who won this war?

Are we doing it again with the divisiveness within our social and political society? Are we allowing the negative dialog to control our lives? Have we allowed negative and combative attitudes to become the norm?

Where is the friendship and support, with Facebook and other social medias? What happened to the concept, if you don’t like something, change it. What happened to positive thinking?

I have always been a strong believer in positive thinking. During my life, I have experienced some life changing experiences, (i.e. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2013, etc.). What got me through, and what I learned, was succumbing to the experience did nothing for the outcome. However, when I looked for something positive, it was easily found. I also learned I grew from being positive and it made the experience easier to tolerate.

Evil and divisiveness will always be part of humanity. It normally stays dormant unless someone decides to revive its life. The human race determines whether we succumb to evil by allowing it to be divisive. We can reject this negative for a positive trend in life. It is our choice as individuals and not the responsibility of any organization or group.
Finally, it is your choice whether to give in to or even contribute to the divisiveness on social media. ON THE OTHER HAND, will you contribute positive encouragement and helpful support to your family and friends?

I value your comment