As I promised, I have launched the revised One Month, Twenty Days, and a Wake-Up. Even when this book had excessive grammar and syntax errors, it is getting good reviews and selling. As an experiment, I used the editing software ProWritingAid to clean up as many errors it and I could find. The revision is now available on Amazon’s KDP as an eBook and will be available in two or three days as a paperback.

In making the revisions and formatting the document, I discovered KDP’s ‘Jumpstart’. It uses an updated version of Kindle Create. It made the formatting and refining so much easier. It offers you four different templates to choose plus with each, you can do custom formats. It is simple to use and the results give your document the professional look we want. The version I used was a beta version for Mac. I have an older version of Microsoft Word and perhaps with an upgrade, I might have been able to do this and more.

As I did with my second book, I used ‘Create Space’ to do my paperback. I didn’t get the same look and formatting as I did with the eBook. I likewise found out with ‘Jumpstart’ it is available for paperback formatting if you have a PC. I have a Mac and the beta version I used can only do eBooks.

Another blogger who I follow stated  KDP would eliminate ‘Create Space’ next year. If I recall, KDP will move to ‘Jumpstart’ or something like Kindle Create. They will update the beta versions of their software to be available for both the PC and Mac. In addition, the royalty formula will change and not necessarily in favor of the author. It stated that authors could not buy their paperback at cost as we do now with ‘Create Space’. The author of this blog stated this was still in the early stages of development and the details could and we hope will change.

What I find troubling, KDP is not notifying authors of these forthcoming changes. When I submitted my manuscript with ‘Create Space’ there is no notice of its pending demise. In my case, it wouldn’t make a difference because I only have one choice in creating a print-on-demand paperback. When you are the largest distributor, you can get away with this non-transparency.

I am a novice writer and I have two books that I have self-published. Any advice I give comes from my experiences and blunders. I learn ‘tons’ from other authors I follow and I listen to their advice. I am still learning and following the difficult road to becoming a better author. Even when I gain experience and knowledge, I admit, it isn’t getting any easier. This is hard work.

One Month, Twenty Days, and a Wake-Up third edition is out and I hope will continue to sell. Perhaps I will get lucky and sales will even increase. New reviews acknowledging the revision will help. If you haven’t read it yet, try it and leave me a review. Without readers’ reviews, our books do not sell; I know this.

One word of advice, don’t follow my example with publishing this book. Even with the editing and revision, the book still needs changes. In completing my final review, I was still finding issues that needed changing. Most authors when refining their work are satisfied, and I am no different. At some point, we let it go and hope the book does well. Do not; I repeat, do not self-publish your manuscript without having it professionally edited. I learned the hard way. Since this book is my first effort, I am pleased with its achievement.


    1. Hi Sally,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Anthony and I hope all is going well with you and your family.

  1. Good for you Chuck! This technical publishing biz is definitely challenging. After all, we are writers first! Good luck with the new version update! And I so agree, if CS disappears, Amazon better give authors a break on our own bloody books! As it is, being Canadian my wholesale book ends up costing me almost $15 with robbery shipping fees then the US conversion to Canadian dollars. So uninspiring. 🙁

    1. Thank you, Debbie, for your comments and continued support. It will be interesting how this plays out. With Amazon’s appetite for all areas of retail sales, don’t look for anything that doesn’t first benefit them. I’m also posting a piece about my experience on CreateSpace.

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