The Many Pieces of Chuck Jackson

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When I started putting together this website, I had no idea of a theme or the content. New authors need a website to promote our writing. Social Media is a good tool, but successful authors have a website.

the-many-pieces-of-meIt came to me one evening; my theme should follow the premise of people getting to me. I am a novice writer and blogger. Other than friends and family the literary world does not know me. I intend to post pieces that have an insight into the person I am or have been. For example, my first post was “Self-Esteem — A Self Examination”, where I revealed I had struggled with self-esteem issues for years. The others follow a similar theme.

June 2016 I released my first e-book entitled: One Month, 20 Days, and a Wake Up. It is a fictional account of one man’s experiences training and serving in Vietnam as a USAF Pararescue (PJ). It gives homage to those who did and now serve as PJ’s. In December 2017 a revised edition was released in paperback as well as an Ebook.



In July 2017 I released my second book entitled What Did I Do?  It is a memoir of my childhood where I survived child abuse from both my parents. It tells my story of seeking acceptance, happiness, and love. I reveal how I suffered and overcame low self-esteem, guilt, and depression.

I continue to work on my original manuscript with anticipation of releasing my third book in 2018. Stay tuned as I reveal, “The Many Pieces of ______”.

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