Memoir versus Fiction

Some of you may or may not know I am in the process of writing my second book. I have a draft manuscript completed and I am going through the difficult task of editing my work. I realize I should follow the experts’ advice and have a professional do a copy-edit. I would, if I can find someone in an affordable price range. However, that is not what this post is about.

I am struggling with the issue to whether publish this book as a memoir or a fiction based on my life events. I am not sure if either genre has more impact over the other in the book market. I know both have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps if I lay out some detail of my dilemma, you will help me in the decision process.

By definition, a memoir needs to be truthful. Yet, we know many authors of memoirs embellish the story to make it more impactful and captivating to the reader. So, to what degree can the author embellish and meet the definition of a memoir? Continue reading “Memoir versus Fiction”

Promoting John Podlaski’s “Cherries”

Borrowed from John Podlaski website

While looking for a Vietnam Veteran’s website which might allow me to advertise my book on their site, I found John Podlaski and his website: ( I contacted John and we agreed to read each other books. We also agreed to write reviews and promote each other’s websites. I have looked at several Vietnam Veteran’s websites, however, John’s is over the top. His site is so extensive and captivating, I have spent hours on it and only experienced a fraction of the total. I encourage any Vietnam Veteran or anyone interested in the true story of Vietnam, to visit his site. You will not be disappointed

John has two books and I read his first Cherries”.  I enjoyed the book and it enlightened me on how hard the Army ground troops had it. I intend on posting my review comments on any of the sites John has his book listed. I look forward to reading and reviewing his second book,When Can I Stop Running?”.

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Lessons Learned

Everyone goes through difficult times, such as losing a job, divorce, or the death of someone close. It is how you handle and recover from these periods in your life that gives the personal strength. I have always tried to live my life by the adage, “find something positive with everything in life”. Even at my lowest, I have looked for something positive. It may take some searching, but it is there if you look hard enough.

I have had some horrible experiences in my life; when they were over, I dusted myself off and moved forward. I became a stronger person from those experiences. When I shared those experiences with others, I found not only did they help me they helped the other people.

One example in my life occurred three years ago. I was diagnosed with Large B-cell, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It is one of the most aggressive of the many types of lymphoma. Yet I was told it was one of the most curable. However, it also has a high rate of reoccurrence. As I listened to the doctor, I remember thinking of the comical line, “I have good news, and I have bad news. Which one do you want first?”

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Granddad’s Love

Most everyone has fond memories of their grandparents. Mine is when I was eight years old. In 1954, my dad was in the Air Force, and he had received orders to go to Okinawa. When he left, my mother took my sister and I to live with my grandparents. Mammo and Granddad lived in a small house in White Settlement, a suburban community of Fort Worth, TX.

Granddad was not a big man. In fact, he was 5’6”, 160 pounds, thinning grey hair, splotchy complexion, and spoke with a soft West Texas accent. He injured his right leg in a work related accident and he walked with a limp. His attire for work and around the house was denim overalls. The ones with the large metal buttons that hooked the shoulder straps to the front.

Granddad was reserved, sociable; yet, you would find him off to himself at family gathering. I don’t ever remember hearing him say anything demeaning; he always looked for the good in everyone. Granddad loved his family, but Mammo was the matriarch.

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God Incarnate

Recently, I commented on a blog about Incarnation. As the blogger I follow explained, “…incarnation literally means the act of becoming flesh” Christians believe it is “…the embodiment of a deity or… the union of divinity with humanity in Jesus Christ”.

I remember in catechism classes, the nuns trying to teach us about the Immaculate Conception and the birth of Jesus. They went on to tell us the story of Jesus being born in a manger in Bethlehem. As we continued our catechism lessons, they told us about the short life of Jesus. They told us of the miracles He performed. Another mystery was the crucifixion of Jesus and His resurrection. They explained how the disciples followed His teaching and after Jesus’s death, they spread Christianity. Continue reading “God Incarnate”