Have you used CreateSpace?

Image provided by Inspirationlane.tumblr.com

I had an experience I hope no one else has. If you did, please let me know how you resolved it. I have worked over the last month, editing and revising my first book (One Month…). Last Thursday, November 30, I uploaded the eBook to KDP and the paperback to CreateSpace (CS). Other than some formatting errors on my part, everything went smooth. KDP said it should appear within twenty-four hours. CS said to expect two to four business days. I was hoping it would be quicker.

I got an email from KDP Friday evening that the eBook was live. I went to Amazon to check and I was shocked at what I found. On a separate listing, was a third-party seller advertising my paperback book. It was listed for a price lower than my agreed price with CS. I traced the third-party seller and he had four plus star rating and had eighteen hundred previous listing. The seller had a picture of the front cover and the description from the eBook’s listing. I know that Amazon allows third-party sellers on just about anything. What was troubling, when CS hadn’t released it, how did he know about the paperback? The previous edition was in eBook only.

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