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When Hurricane Katrina hit, while we waited on the government to react, the citizen opened their hearts and their wallets. It is time again for us to step up and show our true colors. Don’t wait on Washington to decide, the people of Texas needs your help now.

I can not vouch for the organizations listed with the below linked post. Like anything on the Internet, you should check it for authenticity. I can suggest that by using PayPal, they will secure your donation. They will only transfer funds to organization that they have verified as legitimate.

Deborah Carney of BookGoodies often shares on their newsletters some of the best news and tidbits you’ve read on this blog. Back in 2012, she lost everything in Hurricane Sandy. This taught h…

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Are you carrying around years of baggage that prevents you from personal growth?


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Even at my age of 71, I still carry the scars from child abuse. I have harbored my insecurities as a teen and a young adult when I felt vulnerable. I have been angry with my parents for their estrangement because they could not accept me as a gay man. This fueled the self-doubt and the low self-esteem I had to conquer.

For years, I did not realize this baggage strangled me in interpersonal relationships. At work, if criticized by my boss, I took it personal. He doesn’t like me. He thinks I’m stupid and I can’t do the job. He is trying to get rid of me.

Actually, he was giving me constructive criticism. He wanted me to make corrections that I had overlooked. He might  been attempting to expand my horizon and for me to take on additional responsibility. At the time, I didn’t see it that way.


What Did I Do by Chuck Jackson | Annette Rochelle Aben

Annette Rochelle Aben is an author, poet, and blogger. What I best know her for is a loving and giving individual who has been supportive of my writing. She was also gracious to host me on her podcast “Tell Me A Story on the Magic Happens RadioNetwork”.  I can’t thank her enough. HUGS to you Annette.


Source: What Did I Do by Chuck Jackson | Annette Rochelle Aben