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I want to acknowledge and thank all the individuals that played a part in transitioning my original manuscript into this book. It has been a long and arduous project. Often, I wanted to stop because I felt I didn’t have the talent to convey the emotional impact of my story. I wanted to bring awareness and credibility to the fight against child abuse. I wanted people to know that this atrocious offense continues within our families today. We cannot turn away when the life and sometimes the death of children are in peril. Whether you read my book or not, I beg you to never turn your back when you see or know of a child being neglected or abused.

Book Overview:

The veil of secrecy over the American family prevails and the covertness of child abuse continues. According to the National Children’s Alliance, approximately 700,000 (683,000 in 2015) children are abused each year. Child Protective Service (CPS) reports they investigate 3.4 million children and place them under the care of the CPS. These are frightening statistics attesting that child abuse is not in decline, but rather the opposite.

Child abuse or child maltreatment is physical, sexual, or psychological mistreatment or neglect of a child or children. Have you ever suspected or even witnessed child abuse in public or in a home? If you did and did nothing, you are condoning the act and its effect on the child. Child advocacy groups are begging for the public involvement. Yet, little is being done.

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What Did I Do?  is Chuck Jackson’s true recollection of the abuse he received from both his parents. It is a story where he spent years struggling to please them without succeeding. It is a story where they told him he was irredeemable and unworthy of being their son. When he saw love and happiness in other families, he wondered why not his.

Chuck came out of the darkness to expound on the stigma attached to child abuse. He admitted to the affects of shame, anger, guilt, and depression that he and so many experience. He tells the story of survival where he felt invisible. Follow him where he sought a warm touch and a kind word of praise. Follow his desperation for love from anyone. Follow Chuck’s story and help answer his question, What Did I Do?


Prelaunch Book Jitters

I know most writers can relate to how I am feeling. These emotions go by many names, jitters, butterflies, heebie-jeebies, etc. I am talking about the anxiety you feel when you are ready to launch a new book. I am at the final stages and most likely within days of launching my second book, What Did I Do?

It was a year ago that I published my first book, One Month, 20 Days, and a Wake Up. I do not remember feeling this way, yet the apprehension was there. First, I worried if anyone would read it. If they read it, what kind of review would I receive? I made mistakes with the first one. The biggest was I did not have it professionally edited. I won’t do that again. I also waited too long to begin a marketing program. I will discuss these topics in future posts.

I have learned a ton of things since then. I have followed many blog and book writers here on WordPress. I have listened to their advice and taken notes. I tried my best to apply the things I learned. I can only hope it will be received well.

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The Magic Happens Now .com

As writers, we all know we need to promote ourselves. Promoting brings followers to our blogs and sales of our books. The more you promote yourself, the more rewards we receive for our work. Yet, we cannot do it alone.

I like to say I belong to a literary community by following the many writers and bloggers utilizing WordPress. This community has welcomed me even when I’m a novice writer. So many have supported and encouraged my work as I learned and honed my skills. I absorbed every post that included instructions and advice to enhance my writing.

A common gratuity I see through out our community is guest hosting other writer’s work. I have been fortunate to be the guest twice and I thank both hosts. Another benefit is the reblog practice that most participate in. What a nice complement it is to have your post rebloged. I have benefited with several reblogs.

Two weeks ago, Annette Rochelle Aben of The Magic Happens Now Magazine  asked me to be her guest on her podcast,Tell Me a Story”. When I saw the talent she had interviewed previously, I couldn’t believe she selected me. Two days later, I called Annette where we talked first for an hour and then recorded a half-hour podcast. The taped interview is posting today, June 21, 2017. Annette is such a pro doing interviews. She had me relaxed and I enjoyed the experience. I hope you will  listen and maybe do your own podcast.

http://themagichappensnow.com/tell-me-a-story-with-annette-rochelle-aben/   Scroll down to find my name in alphabetical order.

With each step I have made over the last year, it has been a journey of learning. What made it easier, are the literary community individuals that support each other. They accepted me as one of their own and I am grateful to each.

When I reflect back to a year ago, I had self-published my first book. I then built my own blog Website. I’ve worked hard to expand my knowledge and learn from those individuals who supported my transformation. My renewed goal is to continue expanding my writing skills and give back to the literary community with my support.

Thank you Annette for the opportunity you gave me to promote my writing and myself. I thank each of my followers that supported and contributed to my growth. With each of you, you helped make it happen.

Enticement—Second Book

For those who have been following my post over the last few months, you will recall I’ve been posting about my second book. I’m getting excited because we are getting closer to the reality. I hope with this post I can entice you a little more.

I decided I would take a risk and publish it as a memoir. It does not exactly meet the strict guidelines as a memoir. I felt the book would lose realism and validity if presented as fiction based on a true story. Making my decision, I considered the advice many of my followers provided and I can’t thank them enough. I found many authors of memoirs often include a note explaining any idiosyncrasies. Below is my author’s note and I hope after reading it, you will agree it bridges any doubts.

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The Power of Love


Whether you’re a Blog writer or follow one, some posts affect you more than others. Katie Riegel’s piece entitled: Why I Can’t Just Turn Off the News captured my attention and inspired this post. Her piece is one that hits home and you can’t ignore.

“It is hard, being in this hate-filled world. It is hard to act, and hard to educate ourselves, and hard to know when and how to disconnect so we can renew and be ready to act and learn again. But it is not hard to love. Say the names of the Portland MAX heroes: Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, killed; Rick Best, killed; and Micah David-Cole Fletcher, living. Love them. Love what they did. Love the people who supported them, educated them, influenced them. Love the thousands who now know and honor their names. And don’t forget to tell your love, to say it, while you can.”

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SA Writes: Memoir Writing Workshop

I am following up on the discussion of my previous post entitled “Memoir versus Fiction”. Many of you gave me great advice or sources where I could continue my research. Sheri Mathews at: http://sherrimatthewsblog.com suggested I read Mary Karr’s book “The Art of the Memoir” I completed the book several weeks ago and I want to share some important parts that helped me.

In chapter 2 – The Truth Contract Twixt Writer and Reader, she states, “…So here I stand with my little stick, attempting to draw a line in the dirt for the sake of memoir’s authenticity. Truth may have become a foggy, fuzzy neither area. But untruth is simple: making up events with the intention to deceive…You know the difference between a vague memory and a clear one, and the vague ones either get left out or labeled dubious. It’s the clear ones that matter most anyway, because they’re the ones you’ve nursed and worried over and talked through and wondered about your whole life. And you’re seeking the truth of memory—your memory and character—not of unbiased history.” Continue reading “MEMOIR VS. FICTION – Revisited”