SA Writes: Memoir Writing Workshop

I am following up on the discussion of my previous post entitled “Memoir versus Fiction”. Many of you gave me great advice or sources where I could continue my research. Sheri Mathews at: suggested I read Mary Karr’s book “The Art of the Memoir” I completed the book several weeks ago and I want to share some important parts that helped me.

In chapter 2 – The Truth Contract Twixt Writer and Reader, she states, “…So here I stand with my little stick, attempting to draw a line in the dirt for the sake of memoir’s authenticity. Truth may have become a foggy, fuzzy neither area. But untruth is simple: making up events with the intention to deceive…You know the difference between a vague memory and a clear one, and the vague ones either get left out or labeled dubious. It’s the clear ones that matter most anyway, because they’re the ones you’ve nursed and worried over and talked through and wondered about your whole life. And you’re seeking the truth of memory—your memory and character—not of unbiased history.” Continue reading “MEMOIR VS. FICTION – Revisited”

Guest Post – Introducing Bernadette Inclan

It should not be a surprise that my first guest author, Bernadette Inclan is my best friend, outside my husband. I have known Bernadette since 1982 when we met in San Antonio. Bernadette and my husband are the two individuals that encouraged me to write my life story.

A popular trend today is having your DNA tested with one of the many services available (i.e. AncestryDNA, 23and MeDNA, etc.). For a small fee, they analyze it and run the results through a huge database. They provide you the results of your genetic ancestry. Most people take the report after reading it, file it away somewhere.

Bernadette took it a step further. She made a study of her results and solved the puzzle of how the traces of DNA from several areas of the world became her heritage. With her interest in her family’s genealogy, she was able to confirm what she had previously researched.

I invite you to read her piece, “My Excursion into DNA”.

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Spring Storm by Urmo Parks

I began working on a website in September 2016. Once my website was up, I spent hours updating and promoting it. I did not realize the complexity of creating a website. The site has matured since its’ launch, yet it’s still is a work in progress.

I learned if you want your website followed by the public and other writers, especially those belonging to the WordPress community, you need to visit their sites. You need to follow and comment on their work. I have worked hard and as a novice writer, I feel I have done well. As-to-date, I have 36 followers from WordPress, 8 email followers (this needs to be much higher), and 137 social media followers. I in turn, follow 59 WordPress authors and bloggers. I didn’t take the time to count all the writers and bloggers I follow on social media. I have published 24 post and re-blogged several of my followers’ post on my site.

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Genre Revealed

My previous post, “Sneak Peak – Book Two” I reveled the genre of my second book. Child abuse has been around ever since the birth of humans. It is not anything new. As hard as we wish, it is not going away anytime soon. It is unimaginable that parents can be so malicious to their children. Nothing in nature comes close to the cruelty humanity inflicts on their offspring.

My book focuses on my youth were I endured years of both physical and mental abuse. Yet, I want readers to comprehend there is more to the story. I want the reader to understand the long-term effect abuse has on the recipient. I want the reader to grasp the mental state of the child during the abuse. How is it they tolerate it? How do they deflect it to minimize the pain? How do they survive? Continue reading “Genre Revealed”