Why I write, revisited

I follow numerous writer and members of the WordPress community. Recently someone gave the advice on increasing your traffic to your website. One suggestion was reposting older post, which relate to your current blogs. With this in mind, I decided to take my earlier piece on writing and repost it. Since my recent blogs are about my second book, I felt this post was relevant.

The following is my updated blog on; why do I write:

I am not narcissistic to believe I am someone special, although I have had a remarkable life. I have had a life of heart breaks and joys. Many experiences left unhealed scars and some came with lessons learned. So why do I write?

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Sneak Peek – Book Two


Even today, the veil of secrecy into the inner world of family life is still alive. Child abuse still runs rampant. Yet, we are now more aware of the repercussions to children and adults.

Why is child abuse and neglect not open to discussion? If you were a survivor of child abuse, could you talk about it? Would it be too horrible to reveal and discuss? How about write about it? There are those who hide due to the stigma attached to its effect. Many have braved the shame, guilt, anger, and depressions to tell their story.

I announced in a earlier post, I was working on my second book. I am here to admit and to disclose that I am a survivor of child abuse. To discuss my weakness and humiliation the effects of abuse had on me was challenging. Now you know the genre of my second book. Below are bits and pieces I pulled from the book to give you a sneak peek.

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It came to me today that several of my friends, including my husband, have left the use of social media. They blame it on all the hostility between users. I haven’t been living under a rock; yes, there is more hostility and negative attitude than I can ever remember. However, I ask, is that a reason to leave?

I’m not finger-pointing or wanting to contribute to the hostility. I am of the opinion, the divisiveness that is going on in our country, has always been here. Yet, with the current political climate, it is as if someone took a stick to a hornet’s nest. It only made things worse and we seem to be more vocal. We also seem to be more sensitive and judgmental.

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Memoir versus Fiction

Some of you may or may not know I am in the process of writing my second book. I have a draft manuscript completed and I am going through the difficult task of editing my work. I realize I should follow the experts’ advice and have a professional do a copy-edit. I would, if I can find someone in an affordable price range. However, that is not what this post is about.

I am struggling with the issue to whether publish this book as a memoir or a fiction based on my life events. I am not sure if either genre has more impact over the other in the book market. I know both have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps if I lay out some detail of my dilemma, you will help me in the decision process.

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