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As writers, we all know we need to promote ourselves. Promoting brings followers to our blogs and sales of our books. The more you promote yourself, the more rewards we receive for our work. Yet, we cannot do it alone.

I like to say I belong to a literary community by following the many writers and bloggers utilizing WordPress. This community has welcomed me even when I’m a novice writer. So many have supported and encouraged my work as I learned and honed my skills. I absorbed every post that included instructions and advice to enhance my writing.

A common gratuity I see through out our community is guest hosting other writer’s work. I have been fortunate to be the guest twice and I thank both hosts. Another benefit is the reblog practice that most participate in. What a nice complement it is to have your post rebloged. I have benefited with several reblogs.

Two weeks ago, Annette Rochelle Aben of The Magic Happens Now Magazine  asked me to be her guest on her podcast,Tell Me a Story”. When I saw the talent she had interviewed previously, I couldn’t believe she selected me. Two days later, I called Annette where we talked first for an hour and then recorded a half-hour podcast. The taped interview is posting today, June 21, 2017. Annette is such a pro doing interviews. She had me relaxed and I enjoyed the experience. I hope you will  listen and maybe do your own podcast.   Scroll down to find my name in alphabetical order.

With each step I have made over the last year, it has been a journey of learning. What made it easier, are the literary community individuals that support each other. They accepted me as one of their own and I am grateful to each.

When I reflect back to a year ago, I had self-published my first book. I then built my own blog Website. I’ve worked hard to expand my knowledge and learn from those individuals who supported my transformation. My renewed goal is to continue expanding my writing skills and give back to the literary community with my support.

Thank you Annette for the opportunity you gave me to promote my writing and myself. I thank each of my followers that supported and contributed to my growth. With each of you, you helped make it happen.


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