Interview with Mr. Peace

My friend Annette Rochelle Aben does a podcast. Her guest recently was Kevin Szawala aka Mr. Peace. He is a motivational speaker with youth in schools and churches. This is well worth the time to listen to him speak about his work with youth preventing bullying and suicide prevention. Follow the links to the individual podcast (they are listed alphabetically). BTW mine is listed there also.


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Book Review – Before We Were Yours

Breaking Silence Teleconference – Writing the Truth Memoir

There are books that come along and effect you more than others. The book by Lisa Wingate, Before We Were Yours is one that stirred several deep-seated emotions in me. The book is fiction, yet it is based on factual events surrounding Georgia Tann and her Memphis Tennessee Children’s Home Society horrible episodes.

I had heard of occurrences involving the illegal adoption, but I didn’t realize this one existed for over twenty years. The fact authorities, politicians and people of wealth were aware, profited, and did nothing to stop it is appalling. How so many victims from a small region of our country were afflicted for years without intervention is unthinkable. No rationale is conceivable except inhumanity.

Spoiler Alert:

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Did You Forget Anyone This Christmas?

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My post from a year ago focused on the changing traditions of Christmas during my lifetime. As my life and the individuals that interacted changed so did my Christmases. Although, the tradition of going to Christmas Eve church services remained constant.

Christmas is the period of the year filled with hustle and bustle in preparing for the holiday. Whether or not we exchange gifts, there is the decorating of the house, attending parties, and holiday food preparation. It’s a wild and sometimes stressful period leading up to the grand day of celebration. No matter our religious affiliation, the holidays are the time to reflect the true meaning of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. We expect to spend these celebrations with family and friends.

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